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When it comes to commercial real estate financing, nobody offers a more diverse mix of loans that will meet your individual needs, than Hickory Capital. No matter the size of your transaction, we have the resources and structuring to come up with a solution that will work specifically for you. With the amount of knowledge that we have and the amount of experience we have gained, we are the most efficient company for financing a commercial property.

Our Programs

CMBS Loans

This type of loan is specifically for flagged hotels, as well as other commercial real estate properties. CMBS means “Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities,” and is literally backed by properties that are pooled and in a trust. The benefits of such a loan include the fact that it is a non-recourse debt, the interest rate is quite low, and it can be fixed up to ten years.

Construction Financing

This type of loan is for commercial real estate that is to be constructed. The amount of the loan is generally quite large and can sometimes be structured to a permanent financing

option if the project is the right type.

Conventional Loans

A conventional loan is for investors who want a stabilized investment including mobile home parks, offices, hotels, and multifamily structures. They typically have low rates and 30 year amortizations.

Equity and Mezzanine

Equity or mezzanine financing is for clients with a high net worth. At Hickory Capital, we have a lot of experience with these types of loans, making us the experts when it comes to big money.

HUD and FHA Loans

These types of loans are specifically for investors who plan to purchase properties for habitation. This includes multifamily buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and senior housing. The loans are long-term and fully amortized.

International Financing

Foreign markets can be tricky, but at Hickory Capital, we have the experience needed to help you finance any property in the world. Possible loan amounts can be quite high.

SBA 7a and 504

These loans are for properties that are owner occupied, as well as for hotels that are flagged or non-flagged. We offer competitive, low rates for these long term loans.

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