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Equipment Financing to Help Your Business Grow

At Hickory Capital, we are all about helping our clients succeed. For this reason, we finance most equipment that would be needed in a commercial setting from $3,000 to over $20 million per closing. We provide equipment financing for Governmental entities, and diverse industries including aviation, transportation, medical, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, agricultural, food processing, and more.  Approvals for equipment leasing often take anywhere from just one to five days and loans are repaid at great rates. Representing over 10 equipment lenders, we have the ability to understand our client’s business and properly identify the right financing solution for "A" to "D" credit profiles and per equipment need - without the limitations that banks face today.  Your equipment needs are unique… and your financing options should be too.

How it Works

Rather than turning to your bank line of credit for capital that you need, Hickory Capital provides an option that allows you to sell your equipment to us and lease it back from us. After the payments are complete, the equipment is yours for good. This frees up money that you can use to expand your business, allowing you to be even more successful.

One of our partners literally gives clients a second chance if they have damaged credit. We work closely with the client to help them rebuild their financial security, and ultimately their business. We do this with programs for damaged credit including bankruptcies & tax liens  Additionally, we offer tax exempt rates for Governmental entities, up to 100% financing, application only programs up to $250,000, the possibility of non-recourse financing for larger, more established companies, and great rates and terms.

Why it Works

Although there are a lot of options out there, at Hickory Capital, we truly believe that financing your equipment is the best way to go. The following are just a few reasons why it works so well:

  • Monthly payments are typically quite low
  • Your capital is free to use for payroll, inventory, and other short term expenses
  • Your existing lines of credit can be preserved
  • It gives you a competitive edge with the option to upgrade to more modern technology
  • Payments are fixed for the entire term
  • There may be tax advantages

Watch it Work

For a free assessment of your financial situation, or to find out what terms we can offer for leasing your equipment, contact Hickory Capital today and watch the process work for you.