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Merchant Cash Advance

Financing Simplified

Get the Cash You Need for Your Business

To continue to operate and to grow, it’s critical for business owners to have the cash that they need to cover both planned and unplanned expenses. Merchants that accept credit cards take on additional risk that sometimes leaves them in need of funds. With our merchant cash advances, your business will have the funds its needs within seven days.

Use the cash for whatever you like. Some businesses choose to use the funds for a business expansion, for example, and others use it to increase their marketing and advertising. Regardless of your business goals, merchant cash advances can help with the most challenging credit profiles.

Benefits of Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advances are the most expensive structure to borrow money, but they are an option we can provide if they make sense for your business and can help you grow revenue.  Our cash advances are low-cost for the industry and worry-free. Businesses that sign up for merchant cash advances through Hickory Capital pay no application fee or closing costs. Plus, they have no fixed payments and businesses will not lose equity on them.

For businesses that use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and more, payback is easy with merchant cash advance services.

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Consider merchant cash advances as an alternative to a small business loan. You’ll get the cash you need for your business in just seven days, or even sooner.

Call Hickory Capital at (231) 714-6039 today. After we answer any questions you have about merchant cash advances, we will guide you through the startup process.