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Purchase Order Financing

Most companies are adept at producing and selling their products, but it is sometimes challenging for them to get the funding they need to transport merchandise that has already been sold to customers. Nevertheless, it is critical for businesses to be able to deliver this merchandise quickly and efficiently.

Fortunately, Hickory Capital can help businesses that face this daily challenge. Through purchase order financing, we can help all types of businesses, including startups and businesses that have little access to capital. We have experience with import and export transactions as well as domestic trade purchases. Our experts handle all of the work needed to make purchase order financing as seamless as possible. We guide producers, distributors, wholesalers, and resellers through every step of the process.

Why Get Purchase Order Financing?

Through purchase order financing, companies can grow without selling their equity or borrowing from a traditional bank. Customers are satisfied when their purchases are delivered to them quickly. By fulfilling their orders more quickly, companies can earn higher profits and increase their market share. Best of all, this funding is fast and flexible for business owners.

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